Climate crisis is here. Where are we at really?

An era has come to an end. Decision-makers will no longer have it easy when discussing climate issues.

Young people around the world have organised strikes and marched for more powerful climate goals. In recent elections, politicians have faced demands for stricter and swifter actions. Big cities and corporations are competing for the role of solving climate change.

And what else?

This spring, a historic and ambitious goal was stated in the programme of the Finnish government: ‘Carbon Neutral Finland 2035.’ During its presidency of the Council of the European Union, Finland set the target on fighting climate change. The time for “Yes, but” politics in Europe is over.

It is reasonable to say that the seriousness of climate change has been noticed. We no longer want to be part of the problem.

The world now craves for examples of how carbon neutral societies can be built.

Then for another, more difficult story.

Admitting what significant measures need to be taken. Saying it aloud how urgently we need them.

It is a question of nothing less than fitting our lives within the limits of the Earth.

Let’s turn the goals into reality together

The world now craves for examples of how carbon neutral societies can be built.

Finland’s goal for becoming carbon neutral by 2035 and being the first welfare state free of fossil fuels is a lot to be said.

That means that we must take action now, not tomorrow.

To achieve these goals we need unprecedented and strong, radically honest and brave cooperation between parties, corporations, municipalities, labour unions, universities, non-governmental organisations, young people and others.

To us, Let’s! equals taking action. Helsinki Climate brings together doers of carbon neutral Finland and Europe.

We are all different, but face the same demand to bring out the best ideas to make an emission-free society a reality.

Come to Helsinki Climate to show that a carbon neutral future is made together, and the time is now.

For climate action,

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Demos Helsinki
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