Let's talk about 2030.

Matti Rautkivi
Director, Wärtsilä

“We already have the means to solve the Climate Crisis - we just have to start working”

Li Andersson
Minister of Education

Patrizio Laina
Chief Economist, The Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK

“To reach the climate goals we need to change the way we think about the economy and adapt the whole society to the new objectives”

Julia Barbasiewicz & Antoni Wiśniewski-Mischal

Markku Ollikainen
Chairperson, The Finnish Climate Panel

Teresa Ribera
Minister for the Ecological Transition of Spain

“It's important that tackling climate change is Finland's top priority for Europe during its EU presidency. We are playing with our common future, and we need everybody on board.”

Katri Kulmuni
Minister of Economic affairs

Aki Kangasharju
Managing director, ETLA

Krista Mikkonen
Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

Krista Huhtala-Jenks
Head of Ecosystem & Sustainability, MaaS Global

“We can hit the goals by making the green options the most convenient ones. With MaaS and our Whim service that's exactly what we are aiming to do – offering a MaaS service that is better than owning your own car.”

Anni Sinnemäki
Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment, Helsinki

“The City of Helsinki has vowed to be carbon neutral by the year 2035. One of the most monumental decisions connected to this promise is the closing of the Hanasaari and Salmisaari coal plants, and their replacement with other forms of energy. In addition to this, we are doing ambitious and steadfast work to reduce emissions from public transportation, and to improve the energy performance of buildings.”

Pasi Vainikka
CEO, Solar Foods Oy

Mari Pantsar
Director, Carbon-neutral Circular Economy, Sitra

”The science is clear: emissions everywhere must be swiftly reduced to limit climate change. Solutions exist, and they must be utilized much better and more extensively. There is no time to waste. Knowledge must translate into action. Finland can be an example, and at the same time create thriving business.”

Pekka Timonen
Mayor of Lahti

Laura Kolehmainen
Founder, Ilmastoveivi2019 climate campaign

“We all have to give our everything in order to stop our society, our economy and our lifestyle from revolving around unsustainable, self-destructive principles. Bravely and leaning forward. Money must be redirected from unsustainable actions to sustainable development. Climate goals will be reached if they are prioritised and placed on a level their urgency requires. On each level, we must find more leaders.”

Antero Vartia
Founder, Compensate Foundation

“There is nothing that would justify more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When harm is being done, the ones causing it should hold responsibility. When this becomes the basic principle, we will start finding solutions that work”

Petteri Orpo
Chair, National Coalition Party

Atte Ahokas
Activist, Fridays for Future

“It is not the job of young people to know how to solve the problem of climate change. It is to tell you that it must be solved.”

Jukka Ruusunen
CEO, Fingrid

“Puhdistetaan sähköjärjestelmä ja käytetään puhdasta sähköä lämmityksen ja liikenteen puhdistamiseen.”

Saara Tamminen
Leading Specialist, Climate Solutions, Sitra

”The climate goals will be achieved by bringing everyone together to brainstorm actions and to make those happen.”

Lauri Myllyvirta
Senior Analyst, Greenpeace Global Air Pollution Unit

Tuuli Kaskinen
Director for Consultancy Operations, Demos Helsinki (host)

Laura Birn
Actress, host (Pic: Marica Rosengård)

Kaja Pavlinić
President, Sustainable Development Forum Green Window

“To make the climate goals come true, we all need to completely reshape our daily habits, but this is not possible without private and public sector allowing us to shift our habits and working hard to make carbon-neutral alternatives available to all, not just the privileged ones.“

Arshak Makichyan

“To prevent the climate crisis, people need to understand what it is and how serious it is. That's why it's so important to support and join to Fridays For Future. The politicians can't do it without activists, even if they want to. We have to unite and to built the new future together.“

Hrefna Björg Gylfadóttir

“We all have a role to play and by fostering collaboration, risk-taking and innovation we can collectively take the required action towards a carbon neutral future. We need to believe in our adaptability as human beings when rethinking our systems in order to co-exist sustainably with our planet.“

Miska Eriksson
Founder, QHeat

“Climate goals will be reached by bravely renewing our current energy policies and system by making room for new technologies, such as solar and wind power as well as geothermic solutions. Next generation low thermal networks are a splendid opportunity for global change.“

Christiana Figueres
Convener of Mission 2020

Tiina Kähö
CEO, Smart & Clean -säätiö

“Climate change transforms the society’s structures in fundamental ways and we can only reach solutions for a 1,5 degree world together. Ambitious cooperation between the public and private sector is the way to do things today. It requires functional ecosystems that lead to lasting transformations.“

Tytti Tuppurainen
Minister for European Affairs

Jussi Palola
CEO, Virta

Päivi Antikainen
Director of Unit at Ministry of Transport and Communications

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