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How to participate?

Helsinki Climate brings together the makers of a carbon neutral future at Bio Rex in Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, on 11 September, 2019 at 15–18. Anyone can participate by following the live show online. In addition, there is a limited number of tickets available for the event. Together we need to provide the best ideas for a zero-emission society. For this reason, Helsinki Climate is open to everyone, regardless of income, education, age, or other factors.

More info about the live event: Follow the event on Facebook or Twitter.

Tickets are available here. There is a limited number of seats available.


THE CLIMATE CRISIS IS HERE ~ where are we at, really?

FOSSIL FREE FINLAND ~ closer than we might think?

MOBILITY 2030 ~ who is able to commute and travel, and how?

PROGRESSIVE CITIES ~ the weaknesses and strengths

FAIR TRANSITION ~ challenges and opportunities of the new economy

WE MUST ACT NOW ~ the next critical steps

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